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Foshan Excellence Chemical Complete Equipment Co., Ltd. reaction equipment products silicone resin reactor, outer semicircular tube reactor, rosin modified phenolic resin reactor, water-based pressure sensitive adhesive reactor, biological fermentation reactor, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive reactor, urea formaldehyde resin reactor, electric heating reactor, white latex reactor, 35KL polyester resin reaction, polyester resin reactor, 25KL polyester resin reactor, 502 glue reactor, etc.

Organosilicone resin reaction kettle, outer semi-circular tube reaction kettle, outer semi-circular tube reaction kettle, rosin modified phenolic resin reaction kettle, water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive reaction kettle, bio-fermentation reaction kettle, hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive reaction kettle, urea-formaldehyde resin reaction kettle, electric heating reaction kettle, white latex reaction kettle, 35KL polyester resin reaction, polyester resin reaction kettle, 25KL polyester resin reaction kettle, 502 glue reaction kettle, etc.

The reaction kettle is broadly understood as a vessel with physical or chemical reactions. Through the structural design and parameter configuration of the vessel, the heating, evaporation, cooling and low and high speed mixing functions required by the process are realized. Reactors are widely used in petroleum, chemical, rubber, pesticide, dyestuff, medicine and food, etc. They are pressure vessels used to complete the process of sulfidation, nitration, hydrogenation, hydrocarbonization, polymerization and condensation, such as reactors, reaction kettles, decomposition kettles, polymerization kettles, etc. The materials are generally carbon manganese steel, stainless steel, zirconium, nickel-based (Hastelloy, Monel, Inconel) alloys and other composite materials.

Reaction kettle material generally has carbon manganese steel, stainless steel, zirconium, nickel-based (Hastelloy, Monel) alloy and other composite materials. The reaction kettle can be made of SUS304, SUS316L and other stainless steel materials. The stirrers are anchor type, frame type, paddle type, turbine type, scraper type, combined type, and the rotating mechanism can adopt cycloid reducer, stepless variable speed reducer or frequency conversion speed control, etc., which can meet the special reaction requirements of various materials. Sealing device can adopt mechanical seal, packing seal and other sealing structures. Heating and cooling can adopt jacket, half pipe, coil, Miller plate and other structures, and heating methods are: steam, electric heating, heat-conducting oil, in order to meet the process needs of different working environments such as acid resistance, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. And it can be designed and manufactured according to users' process requirements.

With the core technology of fine chemicals such as adhesives, resins, coatings and inks, and the strong capability of providing complete sets of chemical production equipment and equipment manufacturing, Excel has the ability to provide customers with turnkey services from plant planning and design, production process design, equipment selection and manufacturing, pipeline design and installation, automation control system development and commissioning, as well as complete plant turnkey services.

With professional design, procurement, construction and project management teams, Excel has implemented many EPC/turnkey projects for fine chemicals such as adhesives, resins, coatings and inks, and has accumulated rich experience in EPC project management and construction. In the project management of EPC projects, we integrate the design stage with procurement and construction, so that all aspects of design, procurement and construction can be reasonably crossed and connected, thus shortening the construction period, ensuring quality, saving money and providing quality services for customers.

The company has more than 10,000 square meters of standard workshops for chemical equipment manufacturing, many sets of special equipment such as coiling machines, automatic welding machines, shearing machines, polishing machines, pipe coiling machines and cranes, etc. We have established a sound quality assurance system for the design and manufacture of chemical machinery and equipment, and have strong manufacturing capacity for chemical equipment, and are dedicated to serving the industrial upgrading of the fine chemical industry.

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