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Foshan ZhuoYue Chemical Complete Sets of Equipment Co.LTD is a collection of chemical machinery equipment and automation control design, manufacture, installation and commissioning as one of the high-tech enterprises, the core technology from Taiwan and Japan, is mainly engaged in adhesives, resins, paint and ink, and other fine chemical industry complete set of production equipment design, manufacture, installation and commissioning, undertake turnkey design a procurement construction (EPC) engineering. Products are exported to Taiwan, Japan, South Korea. The association of south-east Asian nations (asean). Markets such as China and central Asian countries。
        Outstanding companies have adhesive, resin, paint and ink of fine chemicals, such as the core technology, has a strong ability of chemical industry complete set of production equipment to provide and equipment manufacturing capability, able to provide for the customer from the whole plant planning and design, production process design, equipment selection, pipeline design and installation, automation control system development and debugging and whole plant general contracting turnkey engineering services。
        Company owns professional excellence in design, procurement, construction and project management team, the implementation of various adhesives, fine chemicals, such as resin, paint and ink EPC/turnkey projects, has accumulated rich experience in EPC project management and construction. In EPC project in project management, the design phase and the integration of procurement, construction, design, procurement, construction each link can reasonable crossover and cohesion, so as to shorten the construction period, guarantee the quality, save money, to provide customers with high quality. And efficient service。
        Outstanding company has chemical equipment manufacture special standard workshop more than ten thousand square meters, owns machine, automatic welding machine, shearing machine, polishing machine, roll machine, crane and other special equipment sets of more established health all chemical machinery equipment design and manufacture of quality assurance system, has a strong chemical equipment manufacturing can force, industrial upgrading service wholeheartedly for the fine chemical industry。


The complete equipment and products of Caitian Guanfu Disk Adhesive include: 25 ton pressure sensitive adhesive reactor complete equipment, 502 glue complete equipment, polyurethane adhesive complete equipment, urea formaldehyde resin adhesive complete equipment, hot-melt pressure sensitive adhesive complete equipment, latex paint lotion complete equipment, white latex adhesive complete equipment, PVC adhesive complete equipment, neoprene adhesive complete equipment, acrylic adhesive complete equipment, oil-based pressure sensitive adhesive complete equipment Complete set of water-based pressure sensitive adhesive equipment, etc.
Resin complete equipment products include: ink specific rosin modified phenolic resin complete equipment, water-based PU resin complete equipment, softener resin complete equipment, degradable polylactic acid resin complete equipment, polyester polyol complete equipment, polyurethane resin complete equipment, epoxy resin complete equipment, powder coating specific polyester resin complete equipment, unsaturated polyester resin complete equipment, acrylic resin complete equipment Complete equipment for rosin modified resin, complete equipment for alkyd resin, etc.
The complete set of coating equipment products include: real stone paint textured paint colorful paint complete set of equipment, textured real stone paint complete set of equipment, atomic gray paint complete set of equipment, latex paint complete set of equipment, car specific coating complete set of equipment, car specific electrophoretic paint complete set of equipment, non stick coating complete set of equipment, etc.
The complete set of graphene slurry equipment products include: graphene slurry dispersion equipment, graphene conductive slurry equipment, graphene slurry equipment, intelligent chip graphene slurry production equipment, industrial graphene slurry equipment, lithium battery conductive graphene slurry equipment, etc.
Small experimental equipment products include: organic silicone resin experimental equipment, oil-based pressure sensitive adhesive experimental equipment, rosin modified phenolic resin experimental equipment, water-based pressure sensitive adhesive experimental equipment, water-based PU resin experimental equipment, biotechnology polylactic acid experimental equipment, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive experimental equipment, polyester resin experimental equipment, polyurethane adhesive experimental equipment, acrylic resin experimental equipment, etc.
The automation control system includes: automation control system, power distribution control system, PLC automation control system, DCS automation control system, instrument power cabinet, central control room, touch screen control cabinet, piano type instrument control cabinet, etc.
The reaction equipment products include organic silicone resin reaction kettle, outer semicircular tube reaction kettle, rosin modified phenolic resin reaction kettle, water-based pressure sensitive adhesive reaction kettle, biological fermentation reaction kettle, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive reaction kettle, urea formaldehyde resin reaction kettle, electric heating reaction kettle, white latex reaction kettle, 35KL polyester resin reaction kettle, 25KL polyester resin reaction kettle, 502 adhesive reaction kettle, etc.
Heat exchange equipment products include: ovens, horizontal condensers, tubular condensers, shell and tube heat exchangers, U-tube coolers, U-tube heat transfer oil coolers, waste heat recovery heat exchange equipment, steam heat exchange equipment, steam water heat exchange equipment, etc.
Storage equipment includes: horizontal oil tank, vertical oil tank, nitrogen sealed raw material storage tank, resin finished product storage tank, solvent recovery tank, internal floating roof raw material storage tank, fixed roof finished product storage tank, powder material storage tank, thermal oil expansion tank, finished product storage tank, etc.
Mixing equipment products include: vacuum rake dryer, softener slicer, mixer double spiral belt, powder trough mixer, powder double cone mixer, powder mixer, etc.
Filter equipment products include: self-cleaning filter, disc precision filter, mobile filter, rosin resin filter, resin precision filter, resin filter, adhesive filter, jacket filter, high-efficiency plate sealed filter, multi bag sealed filter bag filter, etc.
Tower equipment products: packed tower, polyester resin distillation tower, thin film evaporator, alkyd resin distillation tower, scraper thin film evaporator, rotating thin film evaporator, horizontal centrifugal thin film evaporator, vacuum thin film evaporator, falling film evaporator, vacuum thin film evaporator
Enamel film evaporator, packing absorption tower, PP packing tower, cross flow tower packing, cooling tower packing, absorption packing tower, etc.
Environmental protection equipment products include solvent distillation and recovery devices, biochemical technology VOC tail gas treatment devices, VOC tail gas treatment devices, activated carbon technology VOC tail gas treatment devices, photoelectric catalyst technology VOC tail gas treatment devices, etc.
Single equipment products include sandwich pots, screening machines, automatic water separators, rosin dissolution tanks, dual axis lifting mixers, ovens, high-speed emulsification dispersers, solid material crushers, bag filters, Y-shaped sampling valves, etc.
Filling equipment products: Filling equipment, application of canning machines in resin canning, DCS-30B-FB double head automatic canning machine, DCS-200-FB automatic canning machine, DCS-30A&GY-FB automatic canning machine, DCS-30A-FB automatic canning machine, DCS-30BGY-FB automatic canning machine, automatic canning machine, etc.
The vacuum heating equipment products include a complete set of medium frequency graphitization furnace equipment, a vacuum graphitization furnace, a two-stage stainless steel vertical graphitization furnace, a complete set of vertical graphitization furnace equipment, a complete set of high-temperature carbonization furnace equipment, a stainless steel horizontal carbonization furnace, a stainless steel horizontal graphitization furnace, a complete set of DN2800 horizontal carbonization furnace equipment, a vertical graphitization furnace, a graphitization furnace, and so on.
Boiler pressure vessel products include: waste heat boiler, waste heat boiler drum and deaerator, boiler drum, Cambodian power plant boiler, coal-fired organic heat carrier boiler, gasoline fired boiler, gas fired heat carrier boiler, Indonesian Medan power plant boiler, Chilean power plant waste heat boiler, deaerator, etc.
Foshan Zhuoyue Chemical Complete Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that integrates the design, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning of chemical machinery equipment and automation control. The company's main products include reaction equipment, boiler pressure vessels, filling equipment, filtration equipment, environmental protection equipment, heat exchange equipment, mixing equipment, coating complete equipment, automation control systems, small experimental devices, etc. Widely used in adhesives, resins, coatings, inks, chemicals, environmental protection, coatings, factories, petroleum, chemistry, rubber, pesticides, dyes, pharmaceuticals, food, commercial complexes, laboratories, industrial sites, and other industries. The products are sold to various places such as Beijing, Shandong, Jiangsu, Nanjing, Qingdao, Shanghai, Guangdong, Xi'an, Liaoning, Dalian, etc.

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