Due to the needs of business development, the company is currently recruiting outstanding talents nationwide. The specific recruitment requirements are as follows:
1、 Pressure Vessel Design Engineer
(1) Job responsibilities: Complete the design and process related work of pressure vessels.
(2) Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above in chemical machinery or process equipment and control engineering;
2. Priority given to those with the qualification of pressure vessel design auditor;
3. At least 1 year of experience in pressure vessel design, able to independently complete design work;
4. Familiar with national standards for pressure vessel design, familiar with computer operation.
(3) Recruitment number: 5
2、 Pressure Vessel Riveting Welder
(1) Job responsibilities: Complete riveting and welding related work for pressure vessels.
(2) Job requirements:
1. Junior high school or above, with map reading ability, hardworking, and a good work attitude;
2. Those with job skill certificates and strong technical skills are preferred;
3. At least 2 years of experience in pressure vessel riveting and welding, capable of independently completing riveting and welding work;
(3) Recruitment number: 10
3、 Precautions
1. Interested parties, please send your personal resume to our company email:
2. For personnel who meet the requirements, the company will reply via email and arrange interviews.
3. Once hired, the company will provide excellent personal development opportunities and preferential treatment for those who pass the interview.

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