Characteristics and Function of Graphene Slurry Equipment

Graphene slurry complete equipment refers to the graphite material as a sheet of mechanical equipment. There are many types of graphene slurry complete sets of equipment, such as graphene production line equipment, graphite heat exchangers, etc. The graphite material used in the production of graphene slurry complete sets of equipment can be permeable graphite, but most of them are impermeable graphite; It cannot be a graphite material containing additives, but most of them are graphite materials added with polymer materials, chemical substances or other components. Graphene has high-quality characteristics: heat resistance, self-lubricating bearings and corrosion resistance. Therefore, mechanical devices made of graphite are widely used in various fields.

The characteristics of graphene slurry equipment are as follows:

1. The complete set of graphene slurry equipment has high-quality organic chemical reliability. The key lies in the fusion between the two (pre-preg, fine sand or mixed) epoxy resin or other high molecular polymer.

2. High thermal conductivity. Relatively speaking, the overall thermal conductivity of the block hole type and flat plate type graphite heat exchanger is higher.


3. It is not easy to expand. Compared with metal materials, porcelain, pool porcelain and other heat exchangers, graphene slurry equipment is not easy to scale, because graphite has less "infectivity" to most substances.

4. High temperature impact resistance. Pre-impregnated graphite has the advantages of high heat transfer coefficient, low thermal expansion coefficient, and small decrease in compressive strength at high temperature, so it has many characteristics of high heat resistance and high cooling and heating speed.

5. Excellent mechanical processing and manufacturing performance.

6, can be made into various models, specifications of machinery and equipment. Graphene slurry equipment can be divided into dozens of types. The total heat transfer area of the finished graphite heat exchanger can be from a few tenths of a square meter to 1200 square meters. Metal heat exchangers cannot be guaranteed.

All kinds of graphite materials are outstanding, and their application in industrial production is very ideal.

8, corrosion resistance. Graphene slurry equipment can withstand the erosion of various acids, alkalis, acid salts and various organic solvents.


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