What are the precautions for using the outer semicircular tube reactor

The outer semicircular tube reactor is a kind of reaction equipment. Pay attention to the operation, otherwise it will be damaged due to various reasons and the production will be forced to stop. The outer semi-circular tube reactor is an ideal chemical reaction device, especially in the flammable, explosive, toxic media in the chemical reaction, showing its superiority. Several precautions in the use of the outer semi-circular tube reactor are as follows:

1. The outer semicircular tube reactor should be placed indoors. When multiple high-pressure purifiers are equipped, they should be placed separately. Each operation room shall have an outlet or passage directly to the outside, and the equipment position shall be well ventilated.

2. When installing the pot cover, the sealing surface between the pot body and the pot cover should be prevented from colliding with each other. Carefully place the lid in a fixed position on the kettle body. When tightening the main nut, it must be tightened diagonally several times. The strength should be uniform, and the lid should not be tilted to one side to achieve a good sealing effect.


3. Check whether the moving parts and fixed contacts on the front and rear plates of the outer semicircular tube reactor are normal, pull the upper cover, check whether the connector contacts are loose, and whether there is damage or corrosion caused by improper transportation and storage.

4. The control equipment shall be reliably grounded.

5. Turn the rotating body by hand to check whether the operation is flexible.

6. Connect all the wires of the outer semicircular tube reactor, including the power cord, the electric furnace wire between the control equipment and the outer semicircular tube reactor, the motor wire, the temperature sensor and the tachometer wire.

7. Set various parameters (such as upper limit alarm temperature, working temperature, etc.), on the digital display table, and then press the "heating" switch, the outer semicircular tube reactor will open, and the indicator light on the "heating" switch will be on. Adjust the "pressure regulating" knob to adjust the heating power of the electric furnace.

8After the outer semicircular tube reactor is running, it can be cooled naturally, it can also be cooled with water, or cooled through a bracket. After the temperature drops, release the pressurized gas in the kettle to reduce the pressure to normal pressure (the pressure gauge shows zero), then unscrew the main nut symmetrically and equidistantly, then remove the main nut, then carefully remove the kettle cover and place it on the bracket.


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