How to choose the right graphene slurry kit


When you enter the graphene slurry industry, many will advise you not to invest too much. Simply choose a simple graphene slurry kit as long as you can produce it. This type of equipment uses mainly manual input of raw materials. The raw material is lifted into the mixer by a screw jack, and the texturally mixed graphene slurry is then stirred in the mixer and discharged manually. This simple graphene slurry kit can mix 1-3 tons of raw material at a time and produce about 15-20 tons of graphene slurry per day.

Compared with the same size flexible sleeve pin coupling, the graphene slurry kit has a larger torque transmission capacity but less offset compensation. It is suitable for light loads, frequent starts or transmissions with frequent changes in forward and reverse rotation. For the mechanical connection of graphene slurry kits, the external dimensions of the connection (i.e. radial and axial dimensions) need to be within the permissible installation space of the machine and equipment. The future development of graphene slurry kits is focused on the following aspects: the texture of graphene slurry varieties with industrial waste and local materials as the main raw material. Such as fly ash, slag, waste stone powder, oil refining waste, bentonite, etc., not only reduce the cost of mortar, improve the performance of mortar, but also help to protect the environment and save resources.

Develop new varieties. Only by developing a variety of mortars to meet market demand can we use graphene slurry sets more widely. With the emergence of special mortars and special mortars, it not only promotes the development of graphene slurry, but also creates conditions for the development of other industries.

Develop own production process. At present, the production technology of graphene slurry in China is not mature, and many companies import their graphene slurry complete equipment production lines from abroad. The production line is usually around 20-30 million RMB, which is expensive. Only by developing a production process that meets the conditions can we create the conditions for promoting the graphene slurry complete equipment industry.

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