Introduction to complete sets of equipment for textured true stone paint

Texture true stone paint complete sets of equipment is a complete set of equipment for the production of true stone paint brick factory, is a common architectural coating. It is different from the production process of general architectural coatings, and it can be mixed without high-speed stirring. And the general paint production equipment is unable to produce real stone paint, so you need to use texture real stone paint complete sets of equipment.

When choosing a complete set of equipment for textured true stone paint, you need to look at the quality of the product first. Many customers refer to the price to decide which equipment to buy. But the simple price is not enough. It also depends on which areas the material you produce should be used. Each device has a different field of application. It is a good choice to choose the right field and then choose the right complete set of real stone paint equipment with proper texture. You can't just refer to the price direction.


Another important thing is energy consumption. Many customers do not consider energy consumption when buying, resulting in higher power consumption and increased operating costs, which are very important. Another important issue is after-sales service. A lot of texture real stone paint complete sets of equipment is very expensive because the after-sales service is better, which is also very important.

The main purpose of formulating the operating procedures for the complete equipment of textured true stone paint is to standardize the operating methods of the complete equipment of textured true stone paint, so that the use of the equipment of the true stone paint can be maintained. So what is the specific operation process?

1. Before using the texture true stone paint complete set of equipment, wipe the mixing plate and mixing blade with a damp cloth.

2. The staff will weigh good cement and standard sand into the mixing tank.

3. start the machine, stir and slowly add water, add in 20-30 seconds.

4. Stir for 180 seconds and stop.

5. Scrape off the glue on the blade and remove the mixing pot.

6. After operation, clean the mixing blade in time.

During the operation and use of the complete set of textured true stone paint equipment, attention should be paid to keeping the equipment clean, preventing the equipment from rusting, prolonging the service life of the equipment, and reducing the occurrence of equipment failures.


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