How to choose the texture of real stone paint complete sets of equipment

When you enter the real stone paint industry, many people will advise you not to invest too much. As long as it can be produced, choose a simple texture true stone paint complete sets of equipment on the line. This type of equipment mainly uses manual input of raw materials. The raw materials are lifted into the mixer by a spiral elevator, and the textured true stone paint is stirred and mixed in the mixer, and then discharged manually. This simple textured true stone paint kit can be mixed at once1-3 tons of raw materials, can produce about 15-20 tons of real stone paint per day.


Compared with the elastic sleeve pin coupling of the same size, the torque transmission capacity of the textured true stone paint complete equipment is greater, but the offset compensation capacity is smaller. It is suitable for light load, frequent start or frequent change of forward and reverse transmission. For the mechanical coupling of textured true stone paint complete equipment, the external dimensions of the coupling (I. e. radial and axial dimensions) must be within the installation space allowed by the machine and equipment. The future development of the complete set of equipment for textured true stone paint is mainly concentrated in the following aspects: the varieties of textured true stone paint coatings with industrial waste and local materials as the main raw materials. Such as fly ash, slag, waste stone powder, oil refining waste, bentonite, etc., not only reduces the cost of mortar, improves the performance of mortar, but also helps to protect the environment and save resources.

Development of new varieties. Only by developing a variety of mortar to meet the market demand, the use of complete sets of equipment can be more extensive. With the emergence of special mortar and special mortar, it not only promotes the development of true stone paint, but also creates conditions for the development of other industries.

Develop your own production process. At present, the production technology of real stone paint in our country is not mature, and many companies' complete equipment production lines of real stone paint are imported from abroad. The production line is generally20-30 million yuan, the price is expensive. Only the development of production technology in line with national conditions, in order to promote the texture of true stone paint complete sets of equipment industry to create conditions.


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